Glass Door Repair

Providing an open concept in the design is a common aspect of glass doors in offices. Additionally, it’s found in private projects as well.

Most commonly, glass doors are used in commercial properties and on balconies in residential properties. However, they can also be used as shower doors or to provide ventilation for bathrooms. As a result of the different types of usage in glass doors, it would also mean that a different kind of mechanism would also be used for those doors, which would affect the glass door repair work.

Glass Door Repairs: Do You Need One?

Broken glass doors can cause safety and security issues in your home and expose your home to the elements. Our team of professionals can help you fix your glass door even after hours. Over the past ten years, we have provided residential and commercial glass door repairs because customers trust us.

Get a 24-Hour Glass Door Repair.

You can contact Golden Commercial Storefront Glass to request emergency broken glass door service by following these steps:

  1. If you need our technicians to come to your home, we can help you seven days a week. In addition, we are available to help after hours, even on weekends and holidays.
  2. If you need an urgent in-home consultation, please reach out to us as soon as possible. Our mobile cabinet repair team will come to your residence as soon as we receive notification that you require emergency assistance. Our experts will assess your doorway and suggest the following steps to secure your home once they arrive on location.
  3. To ensure any glass shards are not dangerous, we will thoroughly clean the affected area. Our glass experts will arrive at your home with a selection of replacement materials to repair or replace your door immediately during our first visit. The entryway will be secured with other materials until such a time as a glass pane can be ordered and cut to a size that it will be possible to replace.
  4. Our initial assessment of your door will result in boarding up the doorway if we do not find the solution. Therefore, we will schedule a follow-up appointment after we assess your door.
  5. If we need to replace your door’s glass panels, we will do so once we return.

About us:

With our top-notch glass door installations, we provide several businesses in the Golden area with top-notch commercial door installation services. Installers of our glass doors will make sure that the frames are sized to fit the windows perfectly. As soon as your clients or customers step inside your commercial building, these perfectly fitted glass doors leave an impression. In addition to the fact that our installers are highly skilled, it is also noteworthy that the doors that they install are also very high quality. Store owners have widely accepted our storefront glass doors as not only being beautiful but as being effective in blocking wind and noise as well. So why wait when you can hire us right now? Feel free to contact us anytime!